Friday, June 8, 2012

The Terrible Wonderful Twos

This time, I don't have many excuses for my lack of posts...maybe I could blame pregnancy brain?

Speaking of pregnancy, if I make it to my due date in September, I have just three short months left as a mother of one (which, I'm sure, sounds luxurious to moms of two or more).

My son just turned two, and while every other thing he does seems designed to test me (throwing his toothbrush on the floor EVERY morning, making me chase him around the house for each and every diaper change, pouring milk into his beloved Hot Wheels), I love that he has grown into a little person seemingly overnight.  He's always been a little person literally, but now he's actually, like, communicating...with words.  And he even occasionally throws me a bone and makes actual jokes.  And they are funny!

All of this "maturity" makes a big difference in the life of a stay-at-home mom, primarily because that little person is often your only real human contact in a day (excepting the check-out lady at Target, or the teenager behind the drive-thru window at Dairy Queen, who is perhaps seeing a bit too much of me these days (I swear, Baby #2 makes me go!...).

So while I'm excited to add another member to our little family this fall, I'm trying to enjoy this solo time with my little "terrible two" while I can...because come September, I'm quite certain "frantic" won't even cover half of it.

~Julia @ Frantic Mama