Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What NOT to Give at a Baby Shower

My son is now 3, and my daughter is almost 9 months.  I have a pretty good idea of gifts that are useful, and those that...aren't.

Here are the ones I wouldn't register for or buy for an expecting mother:

1.  Onesies.  Why are there so many of these on the market?  And why does everyone give them to you in mass quantities when you're pregnant?  It's awful to squeeze a squirming baby's head into that tiny little neck hole.  Babies cry enough already.  Don't give them another reason to do so.

2.  Fancy outfits with lots of snaps and buttons.  People who are too old to remember how exhausting it is to have a baby, or people who have never had a baby are the culprits here.  Goodwill could open a new store (The Unwearables?) with all the guilt-inducing expensive baby clothes people give.  These are the clothes that hang in the baby's closet until they are outgrown.  Or worse yet, they remain in beautiful gift bags and boxes, calling out to you, taunting you: 'really?  you're gonna leave the baby in that same old hand-me-down sleep n' play for the 2nd day in a row?'  Let's do new moms a favor and save the complicated clothing for when the children go off to school.

3.  Baby washcloths and towels.  Don't waste valuable registry real estate here.  Just use some you already own.

4.  One of those 12 month frames.  Talk about unnecessary stress.  Is it the end of the month already? Really?  I need to take another posed picture of the baby (in a complicated, fancy outfit) to put in her silver plated 12 month frame!  Then I'll use her next nap to upload it, order it, cut it so it fits the tiny space...  God, I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  

5.  Ditto for those precious handprint and footprint kits.*

6. The Diaper Genie.  The cartridges are ridiculously expensive.  And it is a total pain to refill it when you are sleep deprived at 2 a.m. and realize the last cartridge is buried deep in the baby's closet somewhere.  A trash can works really well for...trash.

What useless baby stuff is collecting dust in your basement?

*Unless the giver of said handprint kit sets a time and date upon gifting this to come over and do it herself while Mama gets to lie down.  Then, yes, go ahead and buy one!

If you'd like some useful baby gift ideas and necessities, check out Frantic Mama's blog entry from February 2013, aptly titled Useful Baby Products:  http://franticmama.blogspot.com/2013/02/useful-baby-products.html.

~Frantic Mama

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