Friday, September 28, 2018

Exciting News

I'm soooo excited. My essay was accepted to be part of Jen Mann's newest anthology, You Do You, a collection of essays and poetry with an all-female line-up. What makes it even more unique is that women and girls of all ages contributed to this book, from high school on up!

Today is release day!

Jen Mann is the author and editor behind the New York Times bestselling book, I Just Want to Pee Alone (what mother can't relate to that? Genius.) and the "People I want to Punch in the Throat" series (yes, it's as badass as it sounds).

My essay in You Do You is in part inspired by my young daughter-- the girl in my life who constantly reminds me to evaluate how I'm currently living and how I want to live, and to make sure those are lining up as much as they can.

I am forever trying to set a positive example for both of my kids, fully aware that being a mother plays a powerful role in shaping our children's belief systems and futures.

I'm in love with the sparkly, pink cover design. 

My essay is also, in part, inspired by a frustrating trend I'd noticed on social media last year-- basically, women frequently giving so much credit to everyone else for their accomplishments. I saw a need to remind women and girls that it is more than okay-- it's the right thing to do-- to take credit for much of what we accomplish and achieve. No one does our lives for us, so let's take some credit where credit is due!

Here's the thing: I'm aware my story might rub some people the wrong way. It might come off as abrasive (or, one of my most hated terms: "femi-nazi." Just Yuck.), but it was a story I had to tell whether or not people would like it. As soon as I heard Jen Mann's concept, I knew this is the piece I had to write.

So if you're feeling inspired, intrigued, fierce-- or want to feel that way-- head on over to Amazon, iTunes, and Nook for Barnes & Noble, and buy your own lovely copy of You Do You. In doing so, you'll be supporting all of the contributors and our independent publisher.

Want more ideas on how to support me and this publication? Here are some simple ideas to consider:

  • Choose it for your next book club pick.
  • Give a copy to your daughter, niece, cousin, or neighbor in high school or college. 
  • Buy a copy for yourself and then save it for your daughter when she is old enough to read it. 
  • Share your thoughts about it on Facebook (especially if you like it!).
  • Give some as Christmas gifts to friends, sisters, in-laws, teachers.
  • Bonus Points: Boys and men can read it too. In fact, they would be a fantastic audience.

Thank you for your support of Frantic Mama and for all of the books I've contributed to! In the meantime, my wish for you is: YOU DO YOU!

~Julia @ Frantic Mama