I have been a writer since I could sound out words and handle a freshly sharpened pencil. Writing is my greatest passion, and I pour as many hours a day into it as I can.

I am honored to have my work featured in magazines, books, newspapers, and websites. Below, you will find links to samples of my publications.

For some of my recent magazine articles, especially those focused on equestrian topics, visit my freelance site:

I'm excited to announce my latest project, an anthology called Will Work for Apples, due out mid-April 2019! It's all about celebrating the teachers in our lives. Find it soon on Amazon.

You Do You is an all-female anthology I contributed to that was edited by none other than New York Times bestselling author Jen Mann of "I Just Want to Pee Alone" and "People I Want to Punch in the Throat" fame.

My newest project! Available on Amazon, iTunes, B&N.

For more of my published work, including samples and photos, check out my other website,

Websites: (formerly Contributor Profile:

A few of my articles:

Why Teaching Kids to Play Chess is Worth the Time and Effort

Everyone Benefits When You Reclaim Time Just for You.

How to Make Mom Friends that Stick

Scary Mommy: Find one of my favorite pieces about the bittersweet aspects of transitioning to a new stage in life, here.

A humorous, stream-of-consciousness piece I wrote called, Ten Pathetic Ways Moms Spend Alone Time, was also featured on Scary Mommy.

Anthologies: I've been in a few great collaborative parenting anthologies.

Never Will I Ever (and then I had kids!), published by Lose the Cape.

Clash of the Couples: A Humorous Collection of Completely Absurd Lovers' Squabbles and Relationship Spats, available on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and more.

Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee, features lessons we've learned from our own mothers-- some are humorous (like mine), others are more sentimental.

Mamalode: This is one of my favorite publications and websites. I'm thrilled to be a regular contributor there.

     *Life Imitates Art (an artistic collaboration with my friend over at MammaBugBitMe).

     *Ice Cream and New Shoes (a simple peek into a special outing with my little girl).

    * The Small Spot (an essay offering a glimpse into my love story). 

     *Daughter (a poem about the inner beauty of my little daughter).

     *Parenting Like a Chimpanzee (I try to let a simple Jane Goodall quote influence my daily life             with my children, and it involves FUN).
     *Stopping at Two (an open, vulnerable exploration of my thoughts on my family of four).

      *Why I Can't Wait for My Son to Start Kindergarten (an honest look at my thoughts about the             start of school).

       *To Be a Man (a simple conversation I shared with my son)

       *Being a Mother Means... (a funny little list of all what being a mother means on a day-to-day            basis)

      *Angel in a White Coat (a personal story on facing          postpartum anxiety)

      *What It's Like  (on the surprising challenges of preschool)

      * Watching the Clock  (days with little ones can be SO long)

      * Sometimes I Wonder (my personal favorite: what would life be like as a Cavemama?)

      * To Everyone Who Had Kids Before Me  (My open apology for my pure and utter cluelessness)

      *Twas the Night Before Christmas for Real  (What it's really like with little kids)

      *What It's Like (the challenges your child [and therefore you] face in school might surprise you)

      *What to Expect When Visiting a House with Young Kids (a humorous warning about Goldfish crumbs, toys everywhere, and pee on the toilet seat).

        *Being a Mother Means... (a humor list with what being a mom means on a day-to-day basis)

Equestrian Work:

I also write for equestrian publications, including, Horse Illustrated Magazine, and Untacked by Chronicle of the Horse. I am a horse lover through and through.

My article on encouraging children to join the horse world (Horse-Crazy Kids) was published in the February 2016 print issue (Page 72) of Horse Illustrated.

What the Flicka: This is how I got my freelancing start, as a proud contributor for Felicity Huffman's parenting site What the Flicka?

The Mid:  Why I Can't Wait for My Son to Start Kindergarten

Mamapedia: An article from several years back, during my newbie days, about learning to embrace a shy and/or introverted child.

      *Why is Shyness Considered a Negative Trait?

BlogHer: My surprisingly controversial post on BlogHer (it was supposed to be funny!):

       * What NOT to Give at a Baby Shower 

BuzzFeed: I was interviewed for a BuzzFeed article because of my knowledge of the YouTube sensation, DisneyCollectorBR.  Check it out here.

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