I have been a writer since I could phonetically sound out words and handle a freshly sharpened pencil. Writing is my greatest passion, and I pour as many hours a day into it as I can.

I am honored to have my work featured in various magazines, books, and websites. Below, you will find links to samples of my publications. Contributor Profile:

A few of my articles:

Why Teaching Kids to Play Chess is Worth the Time and Effort

Everyone Benefits When You Reclaim Time Just for You.

How to Make Mom Friends that Stick

Scary Mommy: Find one of my favorite pieces about the bittersweet aspects of transitioning to a new stage in life, here.

A humorous, stream-of-consciousness piece I wrote called, Ten Pathetic Ways Moms Spend Alone Time, was also featured on Scary Mommy.

Anthologies: I've been in a few great collaborative parenting anthologies.

Never Will I Ever (and then I had kids!), published by Lose the Cape.

Clash of the Couples: A Humorous Collection of Completely Absurd Lovers' Squabbles and Relationship Spats, available on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and more.

Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee, features lessons we've learned from our own mothers-- some are humorous (like mine), others are more sentimental.

Mamalode: This is one of my favorite publications and websites. I'm thrilled to be a regular contributor there.

     *Life Imitates Art (an artistic collaboration with my friend over at MammaBugBitMe).

     *Ice Cream and New Shoes (a simple peek into a special outing with my little girl).

    * The Small Spot (an essay offering a glimpse into my love story). 

     *Daughter (a poem about the inner beauty of my little daughter).

     *Parenting Like a Chimpanzee (I try to let a simple Jane Goodall quote influence my daily life             with my children, and it involves FUN).
     *Stopping at Two (an open, vulnerable exploration of my thoughts on my family of four).

      *Why I Can't Wait for My Son to Start Kindergarten (an honest look at my thoughts about the             start of school).

       *To Be a Man (a simple conversation I shared with my son)

       *Being a Mother Means... (a funny little list of all what being a mother means on a day-to-day            basis)

      *Angel in a White Coat (a personal story on facing          postpartum anxiety)

      *What It's Like  (on the surprising challenges of preschool)

      * Watching the Clock  (days with little ones can be SO long)

      * Sometimes I Wonder (my personal favorite: what would life be like as a Cavemama?)

      * To Everyone Who Had Kids Before Me  (My open apology for my pure and utter cluelessness)

      *Twas the Night Before Christmas for Real  (What it's really like with little kids)

      *What It's Like (the challenges your child [and therefore you] face in school might surprise you)

      *What to Expect When Visiting a House with Young Kids (a humorous warning about Goldfish crumbs, toys everywhere, and pee on the toilet seat).

        *Being a Mother Means... (a humor list with what being a mom means on a day-to-day basis)

Equestrian Work:

I also write for equestrian publications, including, Horse Illustrated Magazine, and Untacked by Chronicle of the Horse. I am a horse lover through and through.

My article on encouraging children to join the horse world (Horse-Crazy Kids) was published in the February 2016 print issue (Page 72) of Horse Illustrated.

What the Flicka: This is how I got my freelancing start, as a proud contributor for Felicity Huffman's parenting site What the Flicka?

The Mid:  Why I Can't Wait for My Son to Start Kindergarten

Mamapedia: An article from several years back, during my newbie days, about learning to embrace a shy and/or introverted child.

      *Why is Shyness Considered a Negative Trait?

BlogHer: My surprisingly controversial post on BlogHer (it was supposed to be funny!):

       * What NOT to Give at a Baby Shower 

BuzzFeed: I was interviewed for a BuzzFeed article because of my knowledge of the YouTube sensation, DisneyCollectorBR.  Check it out here.

Local? I write for the Press Publications newspapers, covering the northern suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

I am also working (in any spare moment I can) on my first adult fiction novel, and I will be querying agents... someday.

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