Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Not to Wear

Pre-Baby, I enjoyed picking out outfits. You could even say shopping for clothing was one of my hobbies.  I loved the creativity of it, and I had fun adding a few new items to my closet from time to time.

Oh how times have changed...

Have you seen the show on TLC called "What Not to Wear?" I'm pretty sure that I might qualify for an episode.  The headline would be along the lines of, "once-hip 30-year-old mom now dresses like a sloppy has-been."  Okay, maybe that's a little harsh, but you get the idea.   If it isn't stretchy, machine-washable, or black/white/neutral, you probably won't find me wearing it.

In my defense, I have to be able to get on and off the floor with my son and daughter to play with cars, trucks, and balls all day.  I also have to be able to throw any shirt or pants in the washer that gets diaper remnants or fish sticks on it, and I have to be able to get dressed in 3 minutes.  Every day.

Yes, I can still muster the energy to put something decent together for an evening or lunch out.  I suppose to preserve some semblance of my pre-mom self.

But why does it seem so much more tiring to put on boot-cut jeans and a stretchy sweater (from grown-up stores) than to throw on my favorite [black] American Eagle yoga pants?

*Addendum (Spring 2013):  When I added baby #2 to the mix last fall, I really took it up a notch:  I alternated two nursing camisoles under two zip-up sweatshirts every day for 5 months.  

So what do you find yourself wearing now that you have kids?  Has your style changed at all?

~Frantic Mama

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