Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Letter to My Son on his 4th Birthday

My son (the older of my two children) turns four soon.  Four sounds like a Real Kid to me.  Four is no longer a toddler, and it is certainly not a baby.  Four means one last year of preschool, the last year where he will be with me most of the day (for better or worse).  Four means-- obviously-- that it has been FOUR years since I gave birth to him.

Similar to my letter to him on his 3rd birthday, I can't say the last 4 years have flown by.  I am not going to lie:  Some days in the past year were endless-- days when the hours were consumed with stomach bugs, playing with cars, being snowed in, numerous time-outs, and the bizarre world of potty training.  Others (though fewer) were full of fun and happiness.

It is those days (or even just those hours or minutes) that I am able to actively remember how lucky I am to be his mom, and that I get to spend so much time with him.

My son (age 2.5) and his Best Buddy/Dad 

Here is my letter I hope to share with my son when he is older.

Dear Sweetiepie--

You are now four!  I love you beyond words, especially when you are happy and smiling, or running up to give me a tight hug first thing in the morning at the crack of freakin' dawn.  Because I've always called you "sweetie," recently you have started to say "hi sweetie" or "I love you, sweetie" when you hug me.  It is one of my favorite things of all time [and I'm old].

Just so we won't forget, here are some of your current favorite interests:

Favorite color:  Turquoise

Favorite foods:  Goldfish, hamburgers, ice cream, fruit snacks  (Ahhhh!  Who invented fruit snacks and Goldfish?  They have defeated me.  I am doomed to be their minion forevermore.)

Favorite toys:  Cars, of course (especially rare Disney Pixar ones), and any car accessories that your dad and I can muster the strength to assemble.

Other faves:
country music, especially Florida Georgia Line (we listen and sing it so often that I hear it in my head constantly)
playing soccer
watching YouTube videos where people talk about cars
playing "try to get me" with us or your sister
cute girls (seriously!)
collared shirts
doing Airplanes in the yard with your dad

My little dude (age 3.5) and me

As I think about your favorite things, they haven't changed much since my birthday letter from last year, which is odd, because really so much else has changed.

Your ability to communicate more complex thoughts, feelings, and ideas with us brings so much joy.  Your sense of humor is one for the books.  Your sensitivity and love for your little sister is one of the best parts of my life.  That said, let's get it straight, little man, your emphatic resistance to us saying 'good job' and 'thank you' is getting old.  So is your determination to remove your socks and shoes every. single. time. we get in the car.  But you have also become more independent and confident, and that has been wonderful to see.

I look forward to knowing the boy and young man you are still to become.  As you grow, I'll probably slowly forget the hard parts of raising my first baby and toddler, which I suppose is for the best.  Then again, most wonderful accomplishments in life take a lot of work, so I am proud of the dedication and devotion I have put into raising you, despite-- or perhaps because of-- the effort it takes.  I just hope I especially remember the best parts of your babyhood, my sweet, sensitive, funny first-born.

I love you so so much.


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