Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Frantic Mama's Fun Photos

I have really started to get into Instagram (the app where you can filter and share photos), and I thought a few of you might think it was fun to see some of the photos I've recently taken.  Don't worry, they're not all of my kids eating, playing, sleeping, etc. [in the words of Jerry Seinfield, not that there's anything wrong with's just not what I share on the site].

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Here are a few of my favorites:

The pretty yellow bike my husband gave me for Christmas.

My son's enviable car collection.  Look closely, people.  These aren't just regular old cars.  No sir.  Some of these are rare.  Ebay and Amazon Seller rare.

What writer doesn't dream about using a cute little vintage typewriter?

Perhaps a sunset shot is cliche, but the beautiful mirror image in the lake needed no filter!

It's my kids!  A dreamy shot as we all ran out to the beach [early] one morning while on vacation.

I like this one as a simple, poignant reminder of a mother's bond with her children.

From my pigsty to yours,

~Frantic Mama

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