Sunday, October 13, 2013

Shameless Plug

Hello Frantic Mama Readers!

As many of you know, one of the major goals of the Frantic Mama blog is to reach other new moms and help them see they aren't alone when it comes to the, ehem...less glamorous side of motherhood.  You know, the sleepless nights, the long days, the countless dirty diapers...

One way I'm hoping to reach more people is by making it into the Top 25 Family Blogs on Circle of Moms.  So, if you have a minute, could you vote for me please?

Just click the Circle of Moms button on my blog homepage to go to the Circle of Moms site to vote, or use this link to go to the site and cast your vote (click the heart) to show your support of Frantic Mama:

Thank you for your support...and since I know all the new moms out there have so much extra time on their hands, you can vote every 24 hours :).

Well, I'm off to wipe another nose!

~Frantic Mama