Sunday, January 19, 2014

No More Epic Fails

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Recently, I've heard mothers throwing around the term "epic fail" in regard to their parenting efforts.  It is supposed to be a funny/sarcastic way to look at various minor disasters, but it's the self-deprecating aspect of the phrase that I'm feeling some aversion to.

For instance, say a mom takes her kids out for lunch, and one of the kids drops food on the floor, while the other one cries while the tired mom shovels in a couple mouthfuls of her lunch before abandoning mission, she might refer to the outing as an Epic Fail.  But I disagree.  The fact alone that she mustered up the strength to take little ones out for a lunch date is admirable.  Anyone who has/had young children should be able to appreciate that and give her a mental pat on the back.  She might be disappointed that the lunch date didn't go according to plan (it never does, right?), but I would definitely give her an A for effort.

Or, someone might declare an Epic Fail if their kid throws a tantrum at preschool drop-off or pick-up while the baby wanders off down the hallway (eh, a 'friend' told me this one).  But guess what?  Only a judgmental rhymes-with-witch would think less of the mother or child for such textbook little kid behavior.  Again, clearly the mom is trying.  For starters, she managed to get her kid to preschool that morning which in and of itself can take Herculean effort (same 'friend).

I'm not fond of the word failure in general, but I especially dislike it when a mother uses it to describe herself.  We are all working diligently to give everything we have to our children every single day, and it is all so much harder than it looks.  I'm going to try to avoid thinking of the inevitable setbacks of Motherhood as failures-- epic or otherwise.

~Frantic Mama

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