Saturday, April 11, 2015

Motherhood Poetry

I recently ordered a Kindle copy of fellow blogger Clara Kelley's book of poems, Always You: Poems on Motherhood. It was only $2.99, and I love poetry, so I thought it was a real steal.

I LOVE it. Some of the poems are funny, others are more poignant. The dedication alone, "For my mother. Now I understand everything"-- is perfection.

*(Pssst: She didn't ask me to write this post. I simply wanted to share it with my readers and to support her work).

Here is one of my favorite poems:


Blessing or burden,
is the brevity of childhood?
I find myself, a hundred times a day
wishing for the peace I hope will arrive
in a few years when she is older,
and at that exact moment
feeling the ache in my heart
which knows these days will be sorely missed
not long from now.

I try to force my heart into the shape 
of gratitude for now
and patience to overwhelm
my utter exasperation.

I want to remember today
and be proud of myself
for the kindness and attention 
that feeds her soul,
not wishing I could have loved
each minute more.

I think this poem beautifully captures that ambivalent, hopeful, sentimental-yet-exasperated feeling so many of us experience as we care for our young children each and every day.

Clara's book is available on Amazon.

Do you journal-- or write in another form-- to express your thoughts on Motherhood?  Or is there another art you create as a way to explore your life as a mother?

~Julia @ Frantic Mama

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