Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday to My Son

My son turns 5 years old today. This is a big one, folks. He is my first-born. He is the one who I first carried in my body for over 9 months, and the first one who called me Mama. He is the first one who I got to hold and feed. He is the first one who taught me how hard and how wonderful being a mother could be.

It seems like everyone automatically says, "it all went by so fast" about their children's birthdays and childhood. Perhaps I will feel that way someday-- maybe when he starts school, or graduates high school, or leaves the nest-- I'm not sure. But I always try to be honest with you on the blog, and here's the thing: it certainly has not "gone by so fast" for me.

(My son for Halloween 2014 when he was 4: one of the singer's from his fave band, Florida Georgia Line!)

Every single day for the last FIVE years, I have cared for my son. We have experienced every emotion together, often all in the same day. Or even in the same hour. Happiness, frustration, fun, anger, silliness, exhaustion. I've felt it all. We've felt it all.

The days start early with young children, and they can feel endless. (Really, you can not truly understand how long the hour of 4-5 p.m. is until you have children.)

I have experienced many of the hardest moments of my life since becoming a mother. I don't think this is unusual, depending on whom you ask and how honest they are. You care so infinitely much about the wellbeing of your children that everything can take on monumental importance. Even little things can begin to affect you and tax your emotional health.

However, hands down, the best parts of my life have also occurred within the last 5 years. Many happy memories that were worth the struggles.

So here's to many more long days...that is, if they can continue to lead to the joy only a parent can understand.

~Julia @ Frantic Mama

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  1. Happy happy birthday to your boy and to YOU! Five is such a big number and... well, I love it and am frustrated with it all at once. (Munchkin is currently 5 going on 15 if that gives you any idea!)

    1. Thank you so much! I told my husband last night that I felt I "should" be sad on his birthday, like that is the expected and more accepted emotion as our babies grow. But really, I mostly felt happy and proud. As in "we MADE it to 5!" Not that I expect five to be easy in any way (as you say, I'm sure frustration still awaits!), but it is a milestone and I've come a long way as a mom and I look forward to the future.

  2. I love your honesty. It encourages me! Happy birthday to your boy! My little lady turns five in July and I must agree with you with the best parts of life and the biggest challenges have been in the last five years! I love the pic

    1. Haha, glad you like the photo! He was (and still is) really into certain bands, and he was thrilled with the gigantic t-shirt (it only came in adult sizes) for his favorite country band. Anyway, glad I'm not alone in my feelings about the past 5 years-- they have been full of challenges and joy, and I hope that when I look back I will mostly remember the joy. Yet, I also promise myself that I will never tell future daughter-in-laws to "cherish every moment," and that she'll "miss this time!" Argh, those comments get to me :).


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