Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Getting Back in the Saddle

This blog isn't about horses directly, of course, but it is about believing in yourself, valuing yourself, and taking care of yourself as well as your family.  For me, that does involve horses.

One of my great passions in life is horseback riding, and as I've written before, I recently starting investing in myself again. When our children are babies, the job of Mother is so completely all-encompassing, all-consuming.

However, mine are now 3 and 5, and I decided it was time to do a few things for me (happy wife/mom, happy life, right?). One goal I'm currently working on (besides riding) is to expand my horizons as far as the topics and publications I write for.

Here's a little dream of mine that recently came true:

My first article was accepted for, the biggest Horse-related site on the web!

Yep, that's me! During an early re-introductory riding lesson (saddle seat).

I'm very proud not only to be on there as a writer, but to share that particular piece-- it's all about getting back into something as an adult that you might have let slip over the years. Sure, it probably isn't riding that you are hoping to reconnect with as an adult (though it is fun, I assure you!), but perhaps for you it is painting, photography, running, or tennis.

Whatever your goal may be, I hope my piece encourages you to take a risk and give it a shot.

Without further ado, here's the link to my article!

Thank you for all of your support, Frantic Mama readers!

~Julia @ Frantic Mama


  1. Bravo!!!! This is fantastic. You must be proud of YOU. Reconnecting with what was left far behind is a challenge indeed but in some cases -" Whinnying is everything!!"

    1. "Whinnying is everything" Haha! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, Swati. It can be so challenging to re-connect with your pre-mother self, right?! Usually worth the risk though!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad that you're investing (there's that word again!) in yourself and reconnecting with your passions and dreams. It is so important - as people, as women, as parents... but sometimes it's hard to make the time and do it. And congratulations again on getting that article published - that is so AWESOME!

    1. Yes, Dakota, I think "investing in ourselves" has become our theme for 2015, right?! Thanks for all of your support! I am still pretty thrilled that they published my article on there :).


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