Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Getting Older

I have a summer birthday-- June 9th-- so aging is on my mind. I never wanted to be someone who pretends to be another age (younger), or who hates her birthday and pretends it doesn't exist. Why not own who you are and all that you've accomplished?

Now that I'm in my mid-30's, I look at people who lie about their age less critically. Because I get it. There are hard parts of getting older-- physically and emotionally. It's kind of Pollyanna to act like you ABSOLUTELY LOVE getting older every year, isn't it?

I don't think most of us can honestly deny that we wouldn't mind getting rid of a wrinkle here or a sun spot there. I don't think many of us choose to let our hair go totally gray at age 30, do we? And I still flinch when the checkout guy calls me "ma'am."

A photo from my 33rd or 34th birthday (I honestly don't remember! Ha!)

In my 20's, I could pluck out those frizzly stray grays now and then (I started getting them early!) with a satisfying pull of the tweezers, but now if I don't add a bit of color in my hair, there's a definite gray cast around the temples and hairline. I'm not ready to go gray.

So while I own up to how old I am-- 35-- I don't think it's unforgivable to add a little color here, a little extra SPF there. We have to do what feels right to us as we get...older...yes, I said it.

All that said, when I reflect on my current stage of life, there are plenty of challenges (I won't go into those right now), but it's also pretty fantastic. I feel good. Happy. I have a lot of life left in me.

On, I share 10 Reasons Being in Your 30's Doesn't Suck. I think my reasoning could expand to your 40's and 50's and beyond. I hope you agree!

Happy Birthday to all of you this upcoming year ;).

~Julia @ Frantic Mama


  1. I am a winter's child but aging is on my mind through the seasons!:):).with the children growing fast and the husband teaching college students, the realisation is sometimes acute. And those sprightly greys they just seem to keep saying hello. Yet , I feel better. More adventurous, maybe even feel prettier. More confident about love making too haha!! Loved the article on Shared! And yes, I found you in my thirties too. I guess I started making better choices ,now that I think,I really did.I do.

    1. Yes, I know what you mean-- I feel better (usually too). Is it that we are older and wiser? Hehehe. And I am also more careful with friendships at this age because I have so little time to invest in them-- I must choose wisely :).


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