Friday, February 3, 2012

Toddler Mischief

My son just turned 20 months old. While I infinitely prefer this age to, say, 2 weeks old, there is still a seemingly endless supply of fresh challenges that crop up with each passing day/week/month...

I love him beyond words, but here are just some of the dangerous/annoying/ridiculous acts of mischief (most of which are accompanied by a devilish grin) my son is currently obsessed with:

  • Turning on the "hidden" switch to the [very hot] gas fireplace.
  • Tugging on any and all electrical cords within reach.
  • Opening the freezer and depositing ice cubes around the kitchen (I often discover this activity later, after stepping in a cold puddle, wearing fresh socks).
  • Rolling the car window down by his carseat on a freezing cold day (Yes, we have Childlock. Yes, I forget to turn it on).
  • Throwing his bath toys down the laundry shoot one by one (admittedly, I often take advantage of this pastime-- I can brush AND floss my teeth!).
  • Snatching my smartphone and writing comments on Facebook (said comments typically appear on Friends pages as "asdchsafdsaoidf ihsdf hs.")

This post begs the question: What are your children up to right now?

~Frantic Mama

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