Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quality Control & Shopping Carts

My son enjoys a new activity when we go to the grocery store. My husband calls it Quality Control.
Basically, he sits in the front of the cart (thank God. I am not ready to let him loose in Target yet), examines all of the items I pick out, and then tosses (throws?) them in the back of the cart for safe keeping.

At first I was hesitant to indulge this new activity (won't he just shove everything in his mouth? or chuck it on the floor?), but my (non-Frantic) husband had let him do it and sung his praises.

So, when I took my little Tazmanian devil to the store this week, he was ready to participate. It started out well enough. I picked up a bag of lettuce, handed it to my son, he studied it, and then tossed it behind him into the cart.
Hmmmm, I thought, whatever keeps him happy... I was very proud of him when he managed to examine his favorite cereal bars (See Recent Post: A Few Food Recs) without demanding one be removed for his immediate satisfaction.

But why, why, did I have to hand him the flimsy plastic carton of blueberries? I hesitated but thought he could handle it. Per usual, he studied the item carefully, and then tossed them...the box opened, and the berries rolled all over the entire produce section. The nice grocery employee didn't even roll his eyes as he trudged off to get a broom.

Oh well, the rest of the items made it home safely.

~Frantic Mama

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