Monday, January 9, 2012

What's for Dinner?

My once "eat anything" toddler has slowly transformed into the more stereotypical picky eater. Recently (besides his beloved Nutrigrain bars) he is like a little Frenchman, only munching on bread and cheese. And cookies. To get him to eat anything else, I must drench it in hummus or applesauce. Or his all-time favorite-- yogurt. Yes, he will only eat his chicken, fish, beans, etc. when dipped in yogurt. And that's on a good day.

I was excited tonight because I was going to give him everyone's favorite dinner: pizza. I showed it to him, taught him the word, he dutifully repeated "pizza," and then took one or two tiny bites before curling his nose up, eying it skeptically like it was liver an onions. How had I dared to feed him pepperoni pizza?!, he pleaded [with his eyes].

Still, each day I will continue to try something else. Dipped in hummus or otherwise...


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