Monday, January 2, 2012

Frantic Mama: Little Luxuries

One's idea of "luxury" changes once children enter the picture. Whereas an all-day spa visit or even a weekend getaway were in the realm of possibilities before kids, we must find smaller luxuries post-baby.

Some of this Frantic Mama's dependable treats?

Sleeping in. Occasionally letting my husband wake up early with our kids on the weekend feels like a mini-vacation! (Sad that 7:15 feels like sleeping in, but ah, that's life).

Lunch or breakfast with a friend (sans toddlers, of course).  I often prefer a lunch date to a dinner date.  You have to wait all day for dinner, and then it can go late, and you end up tired the next day, struggling to slap together your toddler's waffle and banana breakfast. What should have been a fun night ends up depleting your energy.  A Saturday lunch, however, is a break during the day that reconnects you with your individual, separate-from-baby self. You look forward to it that morning and can carry on with the rest of the day refreshed.

Engaging in a little online shopping during naptime. is my all-time favorite shopping site. (Side note: If you haven't joined Amazon Mom yet, do it now! Last time I checked, you get FREE Prime Status for one year).  I've also recently jumped on the Etsy bandwagon.

A solo walk.  If my husband, babysitter, or family member can watch my kids for even just a half hour, nothing (well, almost nothing) makes me feel better than a walk outside (again, solo).   It can be hard to drag myself out of a warm home in frigid temperatures (or out of an air-conditioned home in 85 degree heat), but I always feel better afterwards.

Here's to enjoying some little luxuries that help you feel a little less frantic in the upcoming year. 

What are some of your little luxuries?  Please comment using my new Disqus comment box-- I'm sure I could add some to luxuries to my list :).
~Frantic Mama

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