Friday, December 30, 2011

What They Don't Tell You (when you're pregnant with your first kid)

There are many bits of useful information that people who already have children "forget" to tell you when you are pregnant with your first.  Or, to be fair, perhaps amnesia sets in as their children get older and move on to preschool and elementary school, and the parents wistfully look back on those dear, sweet baby moments...and forget all the hard stuff.

Sure, the expecting couple hears plenty of "things are gonna change" and "enjoy your freedom while you can!" but those warnings are merely friendly jests, often leading to a knowing little wink between the mother and father-to-be.

In case anyone out there is not quite in the ranks of babyhood or toddlerhood yet, here are a few words of wisdom (caution?) from this Frantic Mama:

1. The first 2-3 months will be Hell.  You think you've been tired before?   Pulled an all-nighter in college?  HA!  You WILL be woken up every 2-3 hours when you bring that bundle of joy home from the hospital. The upside?  Um, well, 'all things must come to an end?'  The only thing that gets you through those exhausting, emotional days is the joy and pride you have in your baby.

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2. Before heading to the hospital for delivery, stock up on many easy frozen entrees, like pizza and lasagna.  Let's Dish (or other assembly-line dinner preparation places) are also awesome.  I know you think you will spend your maternity leave whipping up casseroles and trying out recipes for that wedding gift crockpot, but trust me on this, you will be too tired to move, let alone bake and cook.

                                                       (Stock up!  You can thank me later.)

3. Sign up for grocery delivery service.  I know, I know, that $10 delivery charge sounds extravagant in our bleak economy, but just wait until you try dragging your exhausted, unshowered self to the grocery store with a tiny newborn in her carseat wobbling her neck around in the backseat, and then you shall see the light.  You won't want to waste what little energy you have struggling through the aisles at Target.

Before I overextend my welcome, good luck to all the future Mamas and Daddies.  There is truly nothing like bringing a baby into the world.  May these little nuggets of advice help you be a little less frantic when the time comes.

~Julia @ Frantic Mama

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