Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Daily Food Intake

Cleaning up my son's high chair tray after his breakfast this morning, I found myself salvaging any of his uneaten food-- a couple chunks of banana, a fragment of a strawberry, a bite of sticky jelly toast-- in order to waste less, sure, but mainly because I was already hungry for a snack. I do this every morning. It counts as part of my breakfast.

My late morning snack is a similar story. Today, after my son declared himself finished with his lunch by throwing a yogurt-covered spoon on the floor, I enjoyed a few bites of string cheese and some uneaten chopped orange I had so dutifully diced for him this morning as a desperate attempt to infuse him with more Vitamin C (See Post: The Neverending Cold).

The Possibilities! 
(Not actually my kid or my fridge...but it could be!)
(Image: Morguefile)

I tried to have some yogurt while feeding him lunch, but of course, because he saw me struggling to shove a few spoonfuls in my mouth, he decided it was a very appealing addition to his own lunch.  Uneaten fish sticks and soggy tater tots are also staples of my diet.

 And so my meals continue similarly throughout the day, every day.

What are some of your usuals these days?

~Julia @ Frantic Mama

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