Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Food Recommendations for Picky Eaters

*Updated: January 2015

I try not to give unsolicited advice too often, because people rarely take advice from anyone and what do I really know anyway?  However, I'm trying to pay it forward with this blog, so I'm listing some must-haves that help me to be occasionally a little less frantic with my 2 picky eaters.

We'll start with food for toddlers.

I highly recommend having mass quantities on hand of the following:

1. Nutrigrain Bars (Target, Trader Joe's, and Rainbow make great generic versions).  I break them up into smaller pieces, and my son gobbles up at least 1-2 a day. Yes, they are sticky. Yes, crumbs and jelly will cling to your carpet.  But, for me, an easy, healthy go-to snack trumps a spotless house.

2. YoBaby Yogurt (Trader Joe's makes good kid-size yogurts too).  If your child has been teething since the dawn of the new era, (as mine did), you have probably already discovered this lovely little brand of yogurts.  There are lots of flavors; I especially like the ones with veggies mixed in (Hooray! Dairy, fruit, and veggies all in one meal/snack!).  My daughter especially likes the containers with pictures of babies.  It's a win-win. (Note: my kids go in and out of the yogurt phase:  one day, they both love it; the next, they won't touch it).

3. Earth's Best "Letter of the Day" Cookies.  It might be controversial to praise cookies when the mass media is constantly warning that all of us will be morbidly obese in the next few years, but these are all-natural, yummy treats that go well with a sippy cup of milk before a nap or bedtime.  Plus, they have letters on them, so they're educational right? [Update: I haven't seen these at the grocery in a while...they may be discontinued!).

4.  Smoothies.  Well, no, I don't break out the old blender and whip them up from scratch or anything, but the store-bought squeezable applesauces, the yogurt versions, and mixed fruit and veggie pouches that I can purchase is mass quantities are LIFESAVERS when our kids need something healthy to boost sugar levels FAST.  They have prevented many a meltdown in our house.

What are some of your go-to snacks for young kids?

Until next time... happy feeding!

~Julia @ Frantic Mama

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