Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Neverending Cold

*Updated Summer 2014 (in honor of the annoyingly unexpected summer cold).

Before you had a child, colds were simply an annoying part of life.  You expected to get 2-3 a year, chug some NyQuil, and get over it. You might have even gotten a guilt-free sick day out of it.  Not anymore.

If one person starts sneezing or sniffling in my house, I know what's coming.  I might be in denial at first ("Oh it's just allergies,") but then... as my son or daughter's nose starts leaking a constant two-stream river of green-yellow goo, I know we're doomed.  My sons colds make an already "passionate" child almost unbearable.  I'm just being honest here.

Once my son or daughter is officially sick, they will NOT let me out of their sight; they hang onto me at all awake times.  I constantly chase them around with Kleenex, and don't even get me started on the torture that is the "Little Noses" dropper and blue nose-sucker thing.

All this excitement occurs while I am quite certainly developing the very same cold and struggling through the day myself [which will bring me to a future blog post about what happens after I get it:  the Man Cold].

Plus, my kids' colds last forever.  None of this two-day runny nose stuff around here.  Not in my house.  We seem to prefer really stretching it out, taking the full 14 day symptom period at it's word.  Is this true for your children too?  Why, I ask you, why?

Finally, when by the grace of God, the symptoms finally start to fade away, I feel eternally grateful that they are well again [mainly for my own sanity].  That is, until the next stream of snot (within a blink of an eye) starts bubbling up again.

Does anyone have any remedies for preventing (besides hand washing, duh) or shortening the duration of kids colds?  Please share-- I beg of you!

~Frantic Mama

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