Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Watching the Clock

If you are even a little like this Frantic Mama, before having a child, you wanted one badly. It was unimaginable that caring for a baby or toddler day in/day out could ever be exhausting, isolating, or...well... boring... You loved children, right? "Playing" with one all day (every day) would be AMAZING, right?! Ha!

Yesterday, while playing with Hot Wheels for the millionth time with my son, I ventured a glance at the clock. 11:30. That left 30 minutes or so til naptime. I turned my attention back to my son. We continued to play with Hot Wheels (me, struggling to find new things to do besides rolling them around in circles repeating "eeeeeee;" him, persistent that this was the only activity he would engage in). Hours seemed to go by. I took another glance at the clock. 11:28. (Okay, it was more like 11:32, but I SWEAR time had stood still for those 2 minutes).


~Frantic Mama

*This post was featured on Mamalode June 2013 (http://mamalode.com/story/detail/watching-the-clock).  Check it out on their website and click on the Twitter and Facebook icons to share it with other clock-watchers!  :)