Friday, December 16, 2011

Regarding Playgroups: It's Not Pretty

Most days of the week, I like to have one planned event (a playdate, a trip to the library, etc.) on the calendar to break up the day.*  Today our big event was to go to a neighborhood playgroup that is held monthly at alternating homes. I was, naturally, nervous to take my high-energy, anxious son (See Post One), but I am always looking to meet other moms, so we were going, whether he liked it or not.

Within 3 minutes of arriving at the gracious host's home, my son managed to climb onto one of her chairs and proceeded to tumble off it in excruciatingly slow motion, managing to hit his nose on the corner of their coffee table. Blood-curdling screams ensued as I picked him up and scurried into one of the bedrooms to calm him down lest his shrieking upset the other [happily playing] children, or the mothers enjoying actual conversation over mugs of warm coffee.

I could go on to explain how we rallied and my son was a champ for the rest of the playgroup, but I'd be lying. The lovely hostess did give my son a cookie which (somewhat) ameliorated his cries, but other than that, his nose was not only runny, but now featured a large red mark.  Next, he tried to play with the dog toys [and fell off a dog bed he was bouncing on], then tried to go up a slide backwards [need I even say it? he fell], and alas, with me in my trademark sweat, he made me pick him up while he waved "bye bye" to everyone I tried to talk to.

Apparently, someone does not like playgroups (and I'm really not quite sure which one of us that is).

*Please Note: This post was written before baby #2 entered the picture.  And yet, not much as changed...except that we go to way fewer playgroups these days. (Updated July 2013)

~Julia @ Frantic Mama

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