Monday, February 4, 2013

Expecting a Second (or Third)?

Let me be the first to say, I'm no expert on having multiple children.  My second is now 9 months old, so I'm certainly not an old hat at this.

But in case any of my readers are expecting their second bundle of joy (and the accompanying excitement and nerves), I thought I'd share a few tips that my husband and I found helpful this go-around.

1.  Make or buy lots of pre-made frozen dinners.  Or, better yet, if friends offer to help, ask them to bring food!  It's surprising how helpful it is to have healthy, nourishing dinners ready to pop in the oven after a long day of taking care of toddlers and babies.  A Let's Dish session is a great option before you have the baby.

2.  Stock up on your paper products, diapers, wipes, etc.  You will NOT want to waste what little energy you have on Sunday afternoon running to Target for toilet paper.

3.  Hire help.  You've seen me thank the Lord for sitters in past posts, and I guarantee you'll see it again.  Unless you are one of the lucky few with family close by (and at your disposal), you will need an extra pair of hands (at least) a few hours a week during the day to help you with the baby or toddler once Daddy goes back to work.  Postpartum doulas are wonderful (Minnesota readers, check out:, but you will thank your lucky stars if you even just plan ahead for a once-a-week mother's helper when you haven't slept more than 2 hours at a time, are living on leftover chicken nuggets, and are covered in spit-up (sorry, but true.).

4.  Go easy on yourself.  The first months after welcoming your new baby are not the time to "lose the baby weight," attend cocktail parties, answer e-mails, keep your home spotless, or frankly, write a bunch of thank-you notes.  In the little downtime you have, this Frantic Mama gives you full permission to put your feet up and watch old episodes of Modern Family.  After all, there's no harder job than raising young children, and you deserve some rest.  

As I try to remind myself on a regular basis, the only way to give your kids your best is to treat yourself well too.  

Best wishes to any readers welcoming new babies!  

Until next time...
~Frantic Mama

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