Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How Things Change (Once You're a Mom)

I am eternally grateful for my two little children, no matter how frantic I become.  I more than love them.  As Woody Allen might say, "I luuurve them."  But there are certain aspects of pre-baby life that virtually vanish (and/or commence to be rare luxuries) when one becomes a mother of young children.  There is no preparation for these changes.  Some happen suddenly; others disappear without us realizing it for several months.

Here are just a few vanishing acts:

Anything labeled "Dry Clean Only"
Shaving your legs more than once a week
Getting your nails done
Reading a magazine cover to cover in one sitting
An uninterrupted phone conversation
A leisurely walk (make that anything leisurely)
Sleeping past 7 a.m.
Spending less than $100 during a Target visit
Watching the entire Oscars
Closing the bathroom door
Anything "Deep Conditioning"
Kardashian marathons on Sunday afternoon
Exclaiming "Happy New Year" at midnight
A clean kitchen floor
A clean car
Happy Hour
Coming home to a quiet house

A lot changes for us when we bring babies into the world, most of which we cannot prepare ourselves for.  The most earth-shattering change, I think, is that we are no longer only responsible for ourselves.  Caring for our babies becomes our greatest responsibility.  We give up so much from our parentless days in order to commit to our new roles as mothers.  Life is never the same once we have children, but it is often the small vanishing acts (see above) adding up that make us realize just how far we have come.

~Julia @ Frantic Mama

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