Friday, March 22, 2013

Lost in Translation

When you have a young child, and they really start finding their voice, some hilarious things come out of their mouths.  Here are a few of my favorites my 34 month-old son has uttered recently:

  • "Row Row Row your is butter dreams."

  • When I took my son out to lunch last week, he picked up the salt shaker and asked what it was (doesn't get out much).  I said, "it's a salt shaker; some people like to put it on their food."  He studied it, then decidedly placed the salt shaker directly on top of his hamburger.

  • My son was examining a new model car. When he asked me what kind it was, I read the label, this is a "3 Door Ford Coupe."  His delighted response?  "A Ford POOP?!"

  • Me:  "Where did you and Daddy go to dinner today?"                                                                 My enthusiastic son: "Old McDonalds!"  

            (I never plan on correcting this).

  • I recently wondered if my son understood the idea of growing up and having a job.

          Me:  "What would you like to be when you grow up?"
          Him:  A Pause.  A big grin.  "A cake!"
          Me: ????

I'm glad I'm writing these down now, because, unbelievably, they are the types of memories that fade away if we don't constantly remind ourselves of them.  And I, for one, never want to forget that "life is butter dreams."

~Julia @ Frantic Mama

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