Friday, March 29, 2013

Yeah, I Bought Those...(Confessions of Questionable Food Choices)

I consider myself a pretty healthy eater.  I tend to follow the "all things in moderation" adage, and I try to eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, etc., with the occasional bowl of ice cream or cookie thrown in for good measure.  I even kind of know what quinoa is (a grain, right?). Before having children, I knew-- I just knew-- I would give my kids only healthy (better yet, organic!) options.  I mean, if they've never had a cupcake, they can't miss it, right?

Well, akin to my other posts focusing on the surprises of Motherhood, I did not expect to buy some of the food (and I use that term loosely) that has become a staple in our pantry.

Here are a few of the least savory, and hard to admit, items you will find at our home on a regular basis these days:

1.  Maybe the worst offender?  Rainbow Goldfish "Colors."  As if the regular old bright orange ones weren't bad enough.  We really took it up a notch in our house.  We bought the multi-colored ones boasting being "packed with real cheddar flavor!"  They come in red, green, yellow, and orange.  They are full of artificial colors and flavors, and yet, my son loves them, so they remain on the shopping list.  (My pre-baby self would shudder at the thought).

2.  Frosted Strawberry Low-fat Pop-Tarts with sprinkles.  Just gross.

3.  A variety of Eggo breakfast foods.  Did you know that you can buy naturally and artificially flavored "Strawberry Strudel Frozen Wafflers?"  Well, you can.  My husband bought these, along with "Cinnamon French Toaster Sticks" with the syrup baked inside!  (I'm assuming the products can't be simply called "waffles" and "french toast" because they only marginally resemble the original).

4.  Last, but certainly not least, my son consumes the Kellogg's Disney Fruit Flavored Snacks (his choice being the Pixar's Cars variety, of course) on a daily basis.  The box proudly claims they are "made with real fruit."  (As opposed to fake fruit?).  I don't know what "carnauba wax" or "corn syrup solids" are, but my preschooler sure likes them.

Feel free to judge me for offering these spectacular foods in our home. (It's not like that's ALL my son eats anyway).  And just remember, one day you might be struggling down the aisles of Target with your hungry two-year old and crying baby, and maybe, just maybe, you'll frantically grab one of those packs of Goldfish at the check-out lane to buy you some time.  Just know, there's no turning back, but you'll be in good company :).

~Frantic Mama
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