Friday, November 8, 2013

Frantic Mama Writes

*Updated August 2014

Ever since I was little, I've wanted to be a writer.  Other careers occasionally caught my interest (being a judge, a psychologist, or a teacher (the last of which I eventually became)).  I even made a family newspaper when I was in 5th grade and delivered it on Sundays under bedroom doors.  While teaching, and before I had children, I wrote a young adult book.  It is currently tucked inside one of the filing cabinets in our basement, saved on a single floppy disk.  I'm scared to get it out.  It's just too overwhelming to polish it up and then somehow get it published in the insanely competitive world of agents and editors.

Until I become brave enough to dust off the old floppy, to satisfy my passion for writing, I write about my life as a mother.  What better material is there really?

I'm thrilled that Mamalode (my favorite online magazine about life as a parent) is featuring some of my pieces.  You might have read a few on my blog before:  one is about the 10 head-slapping, red-faced-inducing things many of us said about raising kids before having our own children.  You know, when we were such experts on child-rearing.  The other is a more serious look at adjusting to new motherhood.

To support me by checking out the piece on Mamalode, just click here:

                                                            (Image from

Here is a personal one I wrote about postpartum anxiety, posted August 2014 on Mamalode.

(Image from

If you have a chance, it would be awesome if you could share it with friends, like it on Facebook, or Tweet it.  (It is also on Mamalode's Facebook timeline:  But no pressure, because just like here at my home, I'm sure your kids are about to wake up early from naps, color on your white walls, poop in their pants, etc.  You're busy.

In my own small quest to become a real, live writer, my core readers (especially my own mother, of course!) have been the most encouraging.  Thank you so much for your support.

~Frantic Mama