Friday, December 27, 2013

Falling Apart

It's happening.  I suppose it had to at some point.  At the ripe old age of 32, I'm falling apart.  Physically, that is.

Here are my Top 3 Issues at the moment:

1.  I'm missing a front tooth.  Really.  It's hideous.  I have a crown covering the nightmarish stump (left behind from a root canal from my adolescence), but it is a temporary one until they can make a good match. In the meantime, my temporary crown has come out a couple of times during meals, and I've rushed to a mirror to stick it back on, trying to avoid looking at my carney-self.  I fear that if I get a few drinks in me, I'll be tempted to whip it off as a party trick.

2.  My back hurts.  Pretty much all night, every night.  It has for years (since having my first child).  But the good news is that I'm finally doing something about it: I've made a physical therapy appointment!  I don't know why I put it off so long.  Life, I guess.  Who on earth has time for such luxuries as physical therapy on top of the daily rigmarole of life-- obligatory kids check-ups, dental visits (see above), nap schedules, The Bachelor, and preschool drop-offs/pick-ups?

                                            (This photo is not me.  A little too dramatic to be.)

3.  I've been diagnosed with the lovely Reynaud's Syndrome.  Heard of it?  Basically, my toes were in so much pain when it got cold outside that with the urging of the hubs, I finally went to a foot doctor.  Turns out, I'm one of the lucky people whose circulation doesn't always reach their feet when they're cold.  This is a problem:  remember where I live?  Minnesota.  It can be colder here than the North Pole.  I think I read that one time.  So just when life couldn't get any less sexy, I've invested in a multitude of big brown slippers, thick woolen socks, and Uggs.

(Photo from

What plagues you?  Misery loves company!  :)

~Frantic Mama

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