Sunday, December 15, 2013

My New Years Resolution: Worry Less, Enjoy More

Worrywart. Worry is your middle name.  Don't worry so much.  Calm down!  Oh, don't worry about it.  I have heard ALL OF THESE phrases a million times in my life.  But guess what, folks?  I am, therefore I worry.  Or, I worry, therefore I am.

On another note:  I've never believed in those God-awful, self-depriving New Year's Resolutions, such as:  This year, I will severely restrict calories [and be miserable all year!]; this year, I will go to the gym daily and get in a sweat [and be miserable all year!]; and, this year, I will never drink a drop of alcohol [and be miserable all year!]).  I don't see how such resolutions are helpful or encouraging at all.

This is not to say I'm an overly optimistic Pollyanna either (I'm a little allergic to those people).  As I said, I'm the epitome of a worrywart.  Hence my blog title, Frantic Mama.  Calm is simply not much a part of my nature.  It is something I relish, however, when I do catch a glimpse of it (perhaps watching a bad Hallmark movie with my husband after the kids are in bed, working on a blog post during naptime...).  Calm is something I work for.

We all have something we want to improve, right?  This is mine.

My non-depriving, resolution/goal for 2014 is to worry less, and enjoy more.  Sounds good, right?  (A side note:  To those delightful Type B's reading, this might sound easy or silly.  If only it were!  I'd love to be more Type B (Would you know, I have never once been described as "laid back" or "relaxed?" What would it be like?? I wonder  But I digress.).  Finding calm, and worrying less, seem to go hand in hand for me.

How can I go about such a large task?  How do I not worry when the preschool teacher calls me [again]? How do I not worry if my daughter has a fever?  How do I not worry about my husband's job security in this (still) depressing economic climate?

One thing that countless "experts" (whoever they may be) seem to agree on is the idea of gratitude being a powerful force in our lives.  That feeling and expressing gratitude is a key factor in our age-old quest for happiness.

I think I agree with these experts.  I find that taking time out of each day to think about what I am grateful for is extremely effective in helping me focus on the here and now, which I think is also a way to slow down, and therefore calm down a bit.  A deep breath, a focus on staying in the moment, and seeking out things, activities, and people that I enjoy-- all of that helps me feel calmer and therefore happier (or is it happier and therefore calmer?  Chicken-and-egg type scenario, I suppose).

                                                          (What does he know that I don't?)

It's said that four out of five people will have abandoned their resolutions by February 1st.  February 1st?!  I guess that isn't so hard to believe if you think of all the aforementioned torturous resolutions (and in that case, I'm glad that people often abandon things that make them unhappy).  But I'm hoping to remain at least somewhat cognizant of my goal for long after the expiration of 30 days.

I'm curious:  Do you make resolutions?  If so, what are your resolutions for 2014?  Have you had previous success setting goals for the new year?

~Frantic Mama

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