Tuesday, March 11, 2014

She's Got Curves: My Little Daughter

My daughter is about one and a half.  To me, she is the most beautiful little girl in the world.  Her blue eyes glow in the sunlight, her light brown hair is soft and fine, and her rosy cheeks are to die for.  She also has squeezable juicy thighs and a delicious belly that begs to be tickled.  As a friend said once, "she's got curves."

I love that at this age, my daughter has absolutely no concept of self-consciousness.  She happily stands up in the bathtub, dripping with soapy water, and sings and dances for my husband and me, her little hands patting her chunky legs, clapping out of rhythm.

She gobbles her favorite foods-- hot dogs and sausages-- with abandon, clueless of the stereotype that those are "man foods."

(Photo from Getty Creative; not my daughter)

I wonder how old she'll be when she gets embarrassed to be seen in the bathtub or feels the need to hide what she sees as imperfections.  I want to freeze what I would call her current lack of self image, or her lack of negative self-image.  I hope she'll always feel as comfortable in her own skin as she does right now.  Is that impossible?

In the meantime, I constantly marvel at her adorable little self, and I'm pretty sure I'll always find her as delightfully flawless as I do right now.

~Frantic Mama

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