Monday, December 1, 2014

Not According to Plan

Sometimes as a mother, what you want most in the whole world is to get out of the house.  Anywhere.  For even just 30 minutes.  Of course, it is best if you get to exit ALONE, but that is much trickier to come by.

Yesterday was one of those times for me.  It was a balmy 34 degrees here, and I couldn't wander the house with the kids trailing me for one more minute.  It wasn't an option to leave by myself, so I exclaimed, with as much enthusiasm as I could muster, let's go on a walk!

Easy, right?  Just pop them in the double stroller.  Done.

NO!  I think I might have PTSD from the ins-and-outs of the whole ordeal.

My husband stayed inside with my son (because of all the kids in the world who would LOVE to be outside in the snow all day, mine is one who does not.  We live in Minnesota, by the way).

So it was my 2 year old daughter and me.

Let's do this, I thought.  We bundled up.

Putting on the following items took about 10 minutes:

snow pants

Then I remembered I had to pee.  I hurried to the bathroom.  My daughter started fussing and taking her boots off.

WAIT!!!! I cried, sitting there willing the pee to hurry up.  We are still going out there!

She [kind of] let me put her boots back on, and muttering under my breath, I heaved her in the stroller, which was located behind my husband's car in our garage.  Once she was in there, I realized there was no room to push it outside.

I had to remove my daughter from the stroller and lift the entire bulky thing through the garage, cursing the inanimate object under my breath the whole time: why would this friggin' thing be behind the car anyway?!

We made it into the driveway.  I put my daughter back in, much to her dismay.  Clearly, by this time, she had forgotten that she initially wanted to join me on a walk.

We crossed the street to a beautiful trail near us.  I exhaled.  This still might turn out well.

My daughter started yelling "Out!  I want  out!"  Jesus.  Fine.

I got her out.

She started jumping over footprints in the snow.  She was having so much fun, and it was really cute, so I tried to enjoy the moment, even though it wasn't what I was originally expecting from our walk.  I love it when no one is crying in my world!  So rare, but so so priceless.  It must be savored.

Eventually, I tried to put her back in the stroller so we could go more than 5 feet an hour.  She was having none of it.  I gave in to her surprisingly formidable powers and let her loose [again].

We eventually wandered down by the tiny section of the lake that is still unfrozen.  She was eager to run onto the ice to holler, "Hi swans!"  I don't really blame her; they are amazingly beautiful.  However, it is my duty to keep her alive:  Cue me pulling her back while she tried with all her might to get onto the very thin ice to join the swans.

I'll just stop there.  The walk back home was much the same.  It was frustrating but hilarious and a little fun nonetheless.

And, oddly, the entire ordeal was totally worth it.

~Julia @ Frantic Mama

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