Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Home Inventions: Frantic Mama-style

Do you have inventions around your house that you created since having children?  A tool, you might call it, or a problem-solving gadget?

Here's ours.  We call it, simply, "The Tool:"

Yep.  That's it:  Wooden Train Tracks + Duct Tape = The Tool.

It measures about 4 feet long and is flat enough to fit in tight spots.

As with most inventions, The Tool was borne out of frustration with losing small, precious Hot Wheels and other sundries under our heavy coffee table and couch.  My son would be happily ensconced in a rapid-fire round of "sending," when one of his cars would get stuck under the table.  BHA!!!  Cue the frustrated yells and cries.

If I was right next to him (as I usually am), I would push the table aside so we could grab the car and resume playtime.  Even though I'm not too ancient, all that pushing and pulling was taking its toll on my back.  Same with my husband's.  My son certainly wasn't strong enough.  And so the glorious tool was created.

Credit where credit is due: The Tool is the brainchild of FranticMamaHubby.  I may have laughed at the time of initial creation, but I think the fact it still exists-- and is useful-- 2 years later speaks for itself.

The Tool:  It reaches places you can't.  TM.  (Just kidding.).

What have you "invented" around the house?  Should we take them all to Shark Tank?

~Julia @ Frantic Mama

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