Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Differences Between TV Moms and Real Moms

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Family shows abound across the networks.  Modern Family.  The Middle.  Parenthood.  The Goldbergs.  The Millers.

It's clear networks want these shows to be realistic, and they attempt to base the characters in a more entertaining version of reality.  But how real are these shows?  Let's take a look at the moms, in particular.  Many of them are funny, sure.  But realistic?  I'm not buying it.

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The Differences Between T.V. Moms and The Rest of Us:

The HAIR.  Why must t.v. moms always have Perfect Hair?  For decades, even the women with young children (think back to the Claire Huxtable, or more recently Christina Applegate's character on the defunct Up All Night) donned perfect styles.  Now, Claire, on Modern Family, who might be the most relatable t.v. mom, flaunts freshly dyed curls, taunting us every Wednesday night.  Don't betray us like that, Claire!

Where is the baby?  On Modern Family, Gloria had a baby a couple of seasons ago.  Forhensio, I believe.  Where is he?  When the rest of us have newborns, they quickly become attached to our various body parts, and yet the newborns birthed on t.v. are rarely seen.  When they are finally presented, they are massive.  Little Forhensio will likely be a toddler in the next episode.

Absence of Dark Circles:  See above.  No newborn in sight.  No visible dark, puffy eyes.  Come on, make-up team, let's show the world what mothers really look like when there are young children in the house keeping us up all night.

The Perfect House.  Another burning question regularly occurs to me as I sprawl out on the couch at night, watching the television families:  do t.v. writers not understand that homes with kids DO NOT LOOK like that?  Do children not exist in Hollywood?  Where are the masses of plastic toys, piles of dirty laundry, and fluorescent orange Goldfish crumbs?

The Clothing:  At long last, the most pressing question of all:  Where are the yoga pants, t.v. moms?  Where. Are. They.

What other differences do you see on t.v. versus reality?

Julia Arnold @ Frantic Mama

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