Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hooray for 4 Year Olds!

There's the God-forsaken, sleep-deprived newborn stage, followed by the blood-curdling teething stage, which leads to much-feared Terrible Twos, topped off with what is now often considered the hardest stage of all-- the Terrible Threes.  Dear Lord, we wonder at each age, when does it get easier?!

Many naysayers with older children love to answer a new mother's despairing when does it get easier pleas with a downtrodden, "it never gets easier.  Just different."  As a mother of a 4 year-old kid, I'm calling B.S. on that!

Of course it is never easy to have children.  Nothing totally awesome and worth it in life is easy.  Marriage.  Career.  Artistic endeavors.  Whatever you devote yourself to is going to be hard.  Being a mother is no different.  However, that doesn't mean things can't get just a teeny weeny bit more bearable easier.  While there is beauty and joy at each age-- no matter how challenging-- here are 5 reasons why four is a GREAT age.

1.  Cold Medicine.  You know how there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you can do for your 1 year-old's nasty green snot or your 2 year-old's hacking cough?  Sure, sure you can "buy a humidifier" and "use a nasal aspirator."  Oh, and have you heard?  "Honey is the best cure for a cough."  To heck with that!  None of it works.  But finally, at age 4, you can buy effective, legitimate cold medicine guilt-free because-- get ready-- it is for ages FOUR and up!

2.  Errands.  You know how getting babies and toddlers in the car to go on an errand can take longer than the errand itself?  How you are already in a sweat by the time you arrive at the big box store (to spend all of your money on diapers, baby food, and coffee)?  When your kid is four, it doesn't [always] suck anymore to get them ready!  They might even throw you a bone and put on their own shoes and socks, and get in their car seats by themselves.  Praise. The. Lord.

3.  Preschool.  It's so sad to say goodbye for 2.5 hours, three mornings a week.  NOT.  It's freaking awesome, and it's your right as a parent of a 4 year-old to give both of you the gift of preschool.

4.  Bathroom Time.  Potty training is pretty much wrapped up at 4.  Sure, treats and rewards are still bartered (let's own that one, folks), but now you can let the days of gigantic diaper bags and poop all over your hands slowly fade into the deep dark recesses of your consciousness.

5.  T.V.  There's a new kid in town I want you to meet, and his name is Nick Jr.  We've been warned to never show t.v. of any kind ever to kids under age 2 (God help us!), and your 3 year-old will only sit in the same spot for 30 seconds anyway.  But when they're 4?  Meet Nick Jr., featuring adorable shows your 4 year-old will actually sit and watch.  With Nick Jr. on your side, you, my friend, will occasionally be able to check your email in piece, fold the laundry, or....wait for it...take a shower without a baby screaming at you the entire time.

(Something tells me this image was created by a mom of a 4 year old.  Just look how happy they are!)

Conclusion:  Parenthood will never be a piece of cake, which is all well and good, but it really does get easier and more enjoyable-- not just "different."  So BOOYAH!  Bring it on, four!
~Julia @ Frantic Mama

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