Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day in the Life of a 4 Year Old

Okay, it's my turn to take over the blog.  I'm J, Frantic Mama's 4 year old.  Actually, I'm 4 and a half.  Actually, wait, now I'm 4 and 3 quarters.  My birthday is in May.  I'll be 5, and we are going to go to Dairy Queen.

This is me in the picture.  I'm an expert at basketball.

I'm the one that starts things up every morning.  I open my eyes, look at my clock, and sit up as fast as I can, and get my tank top and shorts on as fast as I can [no matter how cold it is] (and I do almost everything as fast as I can).  Then I slam my door and run into my parents room and tell them I'm up!  Sometimes I startle them and we all laugh.

After that, they usually hand me their phones so they can take showers and get dressed while I watch YouTube videos of people opening up toys.  Or I go downstairs and help get all the art stuff out that I want.

Like this:

Then my dad and I pick out what I'll eat for breakfast.  It's usually a donut, fruit, and some water.  I tell everyone "I'm obsessed with fruit!"  I have to have it all every single meal or I won't eat.  I also love water.  I do NOT like pizza.  Or mac n' cheese.  Or peanut butter and jelly.  My mom stays upstairs a little while, whispering something about "making herself presentable to the world" and getting my little sister, E, from her bed.

By the time my mommy makes it downstairs with E, I have my dad either playing with cars or dribbling basketballs in the kitchen with me.  He loves playing with me so I always make get him playing.  I have to know what time it is at all times, so I know it's usually about 7:00 at this point.  My dad tries to watch the news while we play.  I also have to know what the temperature is going to be, so I ask him every 3 or 4 minutes.

This is an extra long car ramp I made by attaching lots of Hot Wheels tracks.

Oh, and look at my owee!  My fingernail came off.  It isn't there at all anymore.  I got my finger squeezed in a door.  One of my grandpas is missing the tips of some of his fingers.  They got cut off in a farm accident when he was a boy.

Okay, anyway, after daddy leaves for work, Mama rushes to turn on a t.v. show for my sister and me so that she can "take care of things around the house."  We usually put on a Paw Patrol episode or a Little Einsteins while she is in the kitchen hunched over her phone swilling coffee and eating our leftover donuts.

If it's a preschool day and she's making me go, she makes me eat a Nutrigrain bar so I "don't get fussy at school," and then she's throwing coats at us, giving my sister a lollipop [in the morning!] so that she will get in the car without throwing a fit.  That means I get one too.

Later that day, when my sister naps because babies nap and I don't, my mommy and I do all kinds of things just the two of us, like read stories, watch videos, send cars, and color.  Sometimes I will snuggle up next to her but I tell her not to talk about it.  She is not allowed to say anything if I cuddle but I know she likes it.

After my sister gets up from her nap, we all play and wait for my dad to get home from work.  My mom starts to look at the clock a lot after 5 o'clock.  As soon as he walks in, I rush over to my special chair and yell "a nice hamburger!" and we all laugh.  They have NO IDEA why I say it, and now I forget too.

We all go upstairs while my dad changes into "fresh clothes."  Well, wait, that's when my mom usually hides.  Like hide-and-seek maybe?  But we don't find her for at least 20 minutes.  She's a really good hider.

By the time I'm supposed to get ready for bed, I'm the one who gets everything going.  I have to run upstairs, get the special toothpaste and no one can come in the bathroom while I'm in there.  They make me pee before bed too.  It's ridikooliss.  Then my mom and dad want to read a bunch of stories to me.  They look tired, kind of slow and sleepy, but I keep asking for more books because I know they like it so much.  If I'm still thirsty, they also get up to get me water a few times.

And then it all starts again the next day!

What's your favorite thing to do?  Mine is play with cars or play basketball.  

P.S.  Here's my sister's day in case you want to read that too.

~J @ Frantic Mama

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  1. Hi J! I'm Munchkin, your mom's blogging friend's oldest boy. Wow! Your day sounds like a ton of fun! I wish my parents laughed when I woke up the entire house. My Mom usually tells me that I need to get back into bed and read for a little while. I'm not sure why. I think we should all start the day at 5 a.m. like the birds! They're always so happy!

    This morning I woke up and was SO HUNGRY. My Mom told me that I should get a cheese stick and get back into bed. Clearly she doesn't understand that this is not enough food for a growing boy. Especially when I don't eat dinner because it doesn't start with P.

    Your racetrack looks like a lot of fun. I've been playing with my cars a lot and have been trying to put together some secondhand track with my Mom. She spends a lot of time sorting pieces and muttering under her breath. But I think it's fun. I think we should play cars if we ever meet... wouldn't that be fun?

    Okay, I have to go pick up the cat and hold him down so we can cuddle. (He really likes that.) Have a good day!

  2. Hey Munchkin. I've heard my mom talk about you guys before. Yeah, my days are usually fun. 5 a.m. would be a good time to start the day. But my mom and dad keep saying "don't get out of bed til 6!" They don't seem to understand that starting the day earlier means more time for fun. If I wake up before 6, I just stare at my clock til it turns 6:00 and then I get up!!
    Your mom gave you a cheese stick and said go back to bed? Oh boy, that wouldn't work for me either.
    Why do all our moms mutter under their breath all the time? What exactly are they saying anyway? I've got to go eat another Z bar. Bye!


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