Monday, March 30, 2015

I'm on Mamalode!

It never gets old.  I'm excited every single time Mamalode publishes one of my essays.

They're sharing a story I wrote about the mixed emotions I feel as my son enters Kindergarten.  While I see some mothers openly mourning the idea of their children starting school, and I understand some of the sadness, I also feel an intense sense of pride and excitement.

Being home with my son for the last 4 and a half years hasn't been an easy road, and in this essay, I explore the bittersweet end to one era and the beginning of another-- despite the fact that it may be taboo to admit I'm excited about the start of school.

(Image from Mamalode)

Here is the link.  If you enjoy it, I would appreciate any likes, shares, or comments you can give it.

Thank you for your support!

~Julia @ Frantic Mama

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