Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pet Peeve Tuesday: Week 1

I'm starting a new weekly Pet Peeve post, aptly called "Pet Peeve Tuesday!" (Tuesday has always been my least favorite day of the week).

We all need to vent occasionally, right?

Here is my first peeve: Lateness.

Of course I understand being occasionally late. Things come up: unexpected road construction, a hungry baby's feeding, an unplanned work meeting. However, I cannot stand it when someone is perpetually late!

What constitutes as late in my book? Anything over 10 minutes.

Here's what I think makes chronic tardiness so annoying to me: If I can usually make it on time, why can't they? What is the other person implying about their time versus everyone else's? It especially irks me if the tardy-person doesn't really apologize or is a constant re-offender.

So let's get to places on time people!

Spill it! What is one of your Pet Peeves? How do you handle it?

~Julia @ Frantic Mama

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  1. *laugh * Yes, chronic tardiness is frustrating to me, but what gets me more is chronic EARLINESS. Certain family members show up 45 - 15 minutes early for visits/holiday events/etc (it's never consistent, either, that would at least be easier), and it drives me crazy. I am often counting on the "spare five minutes" of the chronic late runner to run a brush through my hair, change clothes, dress a kid... you know! I try to be ready when that friend is going to show up, but there's always "one more thing to do," and so I'm usually grateful for a few extra minutes! (Love the idea of pet peeve Tuesdays, btw. You'll have to explain why you don't like Tuesdays!)

  2. [Takes note to self: As a chronic early bird, be sure *not* to get to Dakota's house early!]
    Ok, now that I won't show up early, we can move forward with our plans for getting together! :).
    Oh, and why don't I like Tuesdays? It started when I was teaching full-time. I actually liked Mondays b/c I felt a renewed energy from the weekend, but then Tuesday would hit me hard b/c I already started looking forward to the weekend and feeling tired for the week ahead! Ha, not the best view of things probably, but that's where it stems from :).

  3. So I can say what's bugging me? Wow!!
    On my current list is this:
    A miss ' snobby D'
    most insensitive relation,she
    unavoidable who
    inevitably I must see
    with the grandest of plans
    but no consideration for me
    and instructions
    that must be
    followed to a T
    Oh! I just said 'yes'
    to another Sunday
    of jittery
    and mostly misery.
    Now O know
    what's bugging me more
    not miss'snobby D'
    but my incurable
    'never say no' capability!!

    PS : I usually make it just in time .never early though.��

    1. Ohhhh I have a hard time with people like Miss Snobby D too! It's very hard when people around you don't take into consideration the needs of a family with young children. I'm so glad you vented! :)


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