Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Science of Parenthood Blog Tour!

Looking for a hilarious, creative book all about the ridiculousness of parenthood? Look no further, Science of Parenthood has arrived.

I rarely laugh out loud when I'm reading, but I did with this one. It really is that funny. At least, it is those of us who are in the trenches of parenthood.

We've BEEN there, and so have the authors-- the poop, the pee, the puke-- all the bodily fluids that seem to go hand-in-hand with babies and children. The pregnancy symptoms, the sleep deprivation, the tear-your-hair-out moments.

The authors, Norine Dworkin-McDaniel and Jessica Ziegler, manage to illustrate all of it in a way that is, for lack of a better term, deliciously digestible. And FUNNY.

I had the chance to ask them a few questions I thought would be relevant to my dear Frantic Mama readers:

What is one of your most frantic memories of life as mother to small children?

Norine: Just one? Really? There are so many. I hadn’t done much babysitting as a teen, and I went into motherhood pretty clueless about how to take care of a baby, so my learning curve was steep. But if I had to pick a single moment, I’d have to choose our trip to West Palm Beach when our son was four weeks old.
We’d driven down from Orlando for the weekend to visit childhood friends, Anthony and Lisa, of my husband’s. The guys went fishing in the morning, and Lisa and I were supposed to meet them around noon for brunch. I got the diaper bag packed, got the baby dressed, got myself ready to go and just as we were leaving, I had to change the baby’s diaper. What a fiasco! No sooner had I gotten the diaper open, when my boy started spraying pee everywhere! He got me, the bed, his face. He’s screaming. I’m trying to block the spray. There’s pee everywhere. So I get him out of the pee-soaked clothes. Wipe him off and get new clothes on him. Of course, I need to put diaper cream on him. And while he’s wiggling, I manage to get that thick, white cream everywhere but his butt. Now he’s covered in pee and diaper cream.
I was seriously having a moment there because we were guests in the condo and my kid had just soaked the bed. Plus, we were already late for brunch, and he really needed a bath. I was overwhelmed, near tears and embarrassed. But Lisa, who had two older girls, came to my rescue. She matter-of-factly scooped up my boy, ran some tepid water in the sink and gave him a quick bath, all the while assuring me that everything was fine. The guys would wait. The bedclothes would be washed. It was all good. Thank goodness Lisa was able to talk me down off the ledge, assuring me that this stuff happens to every mom. If that’s not my most frantic moment, it’s definitely in the top five!

Jessica: The first time I flew with my son alone. He was under a year, and we were flying from Las Vegas to Connecticut to visit family. That is a looooong flight... I spent the entire flight walking him up and down the aisles while he held my fingers, singing little songs, pulling an endless supply of snacks and entertainments out of my bag, nursing and trying to figure out how the hell to change a diaper in that teeny tiny airplane bathroom. That was the first in a long series of him falling asleep exactly five minutes before our plane landed, so that I had to carry his limp, suddenly thousand-pound body as well as my giant bag of tricks through the airport. I worked harder on that 6-hour flight than I’ve probably worked in my entire life. I have no idea how parents with more than one kiddo do it.

(Side note, Me: Flying with my kids is always one of the most frantic things I do each year, though it gets a little easier each year.)

What has been one of the hardest parts of motherhood for you?

Norine: Trying to balance working with being an active, engaged mom. It’s been constant struggle for me... And when you work at home, it’s very hard to switch gears, from writing to momming. There’s this constant tug from both sides: when I’m writing, I always feel like I’m missing out on something my son is doing. And when I’m spending time with him, it’s hard not to feel guilty about neglecting work. It’s no doubt my own neurosis and guilt that keeps me from being “in the moment” and enjoying myself. Send prayers! Or meds!  

Me: I can completely relate to that! Finding time to write when you have young children in the house is very, very challenging.

Jessica: Early on, I would say it was the lack of sleep...Now, managing screen time is a major challenge, and part of that is managing my own laziness. I also work from home, and I often find myself yelling from behind my laptop for him to get off screens, like a big fat hypocrite. It’s so much easier NOT to have the fight, you know?

Me: Yes, I know!

What is your favorite part of being a mom?

Norine: I would have to say the snuggling. My son Fletcher is 9, and I feel pretty fortunate that he is still a very snuggly boy...I know the snuggling days are numbered so I’m trying to make the most of them before he’s too cool to acknowledge he even has a mother.

Jessica: Watching him evolve. I love seeing how he is maturing and changing. Some of the things that come out of his mouth … it’s like, are you 11 or 70? I had two younger brothers so there is a familiarity to watching him turn from a little boy into someone verging on a teen, and I love seeing his artistic talent develop, because it’s something we share.

Me: I also love snuggling with my kids [when they'll let me], and one of my greatest joys as a mother is getting to see my children develop their sense of selves and talents.

A photo of the authors, Norine and Jessica.

Aren't the authors awesome? I wish they lived next door and I could just follow them around all day :).

P.S. I have a post up on the fantastic site, Sammiches & Psych Meds today. Check it out, here!.

~Julia @ Frantic Mama


  1. You asked great questions! This was fun! I wish you lived next door too! -- Norine

    1. It was fun to have you guys 'visit' on the blog! Best of luck with your book!!

    2. "deliciously digestible"- you slay me!!!! The book sounds REFRESHING. And thank goodness for snuggly eight/ nine year old boys!

    3. Hahaha! "you slay me!" you are too funny :).


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