Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Best Coffee Memes

I'm noticing a trend among my fellow humans: We like coffee. A lot.

Whether you drink it for the energy boost or because you like the taste (or both), there's nothing like a good, hot cup of coffee, amiright?

Here are a few of my most recent caffeinated memes.

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Here's my sister's actual 'coffee station.' I'm impressed. THIS is commitment:

And this, below, is a true story:

This is one of my first memes to go officially "viral."

I can't resist a good owl meme:

This might be my favorite mug of all time:

It really gets me.


~Julia @ Frantic Mama

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Happy Holidays to all of my wonderful readers!


  1. Love this! I am such a coffee drinker and everyone makes fun of me for it.

    1. I really do not understand how some people can go a life-- or a day-- without coffee!

  2. In my calm moments , I pick myself a cup of tea but in my most desperate moments coffee picks me up. Cheers to java!!

    1. I like tea too. I try to stick with black tea in the afternoons for a mini-caffeine boost, but I don't think I could go a morning without my dear coffee :). Yes, cheers!

  3. I *love* those mugs with the levels/corresponding conversation levels on them. I think they're hilarious!!!

    1. Yes, those mugs are awesome, right?! They speak the truth! :)


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