Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Let's Rock: Family Soundtracks

One thing my family of four has in common: we all love to sing and dance. No, not "song and dance," as in musicals or any sort of choreographed set-up. We just love to turn on the radio and let it all hang out when our favorite songs come on.

What are we currently listening to? We are country fans, so our favorite band for the last couple of years is Florida Georgia Line.

[Maybe you think you don't like country, and that's fine, but you have to at least listen to these guys! They are so good.]

My current favorite FGL tracks are: Confession (their newest release), Anything Goes, and Sippin on Fire. [Seriously, after you read this post (of course!) go to YouTube or Vevo and find these songs.]

(No, I didn't take this photo (that would be freaking awesome). It's from their website. Hopefully they won't sue me).

My husband, kids, and I also try to select a 'vacation theme song' each spring when we head to the beach. As expected, it's usually a country song. One of our all-time favorites was Florida Georgia Line's "This is How We Roll." It's fun, happy, and just...awesome.

My son even chose to dress up as one of the FGL singers for Halloween when he was four. 
It was fantastic.
Yes, that's him!

This year, my son (5.5) is pushing for our beach theme song to be Drake White's rockin' upper It Feels Good. Even though I'm pulling for Luke Bryan's Kick the Dust Up, I'm tempted to let my son win on this because it is pure joy to watch him get into his groove when that song comes on. It's even better when my spunky 3 year old decides to join in.

Besides liking FGL's music and lyrics, my husband and I also think we have such an affinity for them for another reason: their songs have marked certain points of our life as a family. We think of a poignant memory and are often able to place a favorite song from that era as part of it. I wonder if any of you have family songs like this?

Granted, our choices may not be as traditional as some, but so far country music has served as our soundtrack since our son was born over five years ago. I wouldn't change the background music of our life for anything.

What's your favorite song? Do you and your kids listen to the same music?

~Julia @ Frantic Mama

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  1. "I wouldn't change the background music of our life for anything."- Was there, is there a more wonderfully lyrical line? How delightful to have a family beach theme and to get the kids all groovy! Your little fella is rocking the outfit! To have a song for each of your cherished memories is so beautiful. And to look forward to beach fun and summer with music too- love it!! I see a chance of discovering new music and I am going to jump at the chance and check them all.John Denver's take me home, country roads is my forever favorite. I love Bruce Springsteen's streets of Philadelphia and Bryan Adams' "let's make a night" These days I am loving Passenger's wrong direction and " let her go". Among the Indians, A.R Rehman is amazing. His musical scores are pure genius. so much music!! You must be thinking , "does she ever stop?". I will now. LOVE this!

    1. I love that you love a John Denver song, Swati! You are full of surprises :). I don't think I've heard the Bryan Adams song, so I'll be sure to check it out. I'm so glad you like the post. It's been swirling around in my head for a while, and I wanted to document this part of our lives on the blog.


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