Saturday, June 4, 2016

Are You Enough?

May was an upside-down, exhausting, non-stop whirlwind of a month in my world. Yours too?

There's just something about May, I think. There are SO many events to attend-- birthday parties, end-of-school activities, family commitments. So many endings. So many transitions. Plus, I started to get my feet wet in the teaching world again (squeezing in some tutoring), and even just a few hours a week of that has zapped me.

The wheels are constantly turning until the kids are in bed. You know, that long-awaited moment you plan to do all the "stuff" you didn't get done while you were taking care of the kids, house, chores, and work all day?

That's when the wheels finally, mercifully stop. Hopefully. And suddenly, all of those tasks/chores/goals take a way backseat to The Bachelorette, a drink, and the couch.

Too true, right?

Some days, when those wheels are turning, or after they stop, I don't think I am enough. I'm not doing everything well enough. There are countless things I could do better. Maybe this is because of the fact that I try to do so many things at once; I'm not sure anything gets my 100%. Even my kids.

For instance, I might be scribbling a text to a friend and ignoring my daughter asking for a curly straw. Or, I might be lounging next to my son, watching Wild Kratts for 15 minutes rather than seizing that moment to fold the laundry, respond to e-mails, or make a phone call. Or, I might submit an article instead of molding Play-doh with my daughter. There are too many things.

I just cannot do everything. Or at least, I can't do everything well. The blessing and the curse is that I don't want to limit myself. I feel even worse if I cut out activities/hobbies/jobs I love.

How about you? Most days, do you feel like you are enough? Do you pick a couple of the of most important parts of life and focus solely on those, or do you spread yourself thin to experience as much as you can, like I do?

~Julia @ Frantic Mama


  1. Sadly, this doesn't change even when you're kids are big and shouldn't need you so much. The frantic still gets me sometimes. Lately I've been trying to remind myself to 'be', as in be present with the task in front of me instead of thinking about what I should be doing instead. Not an earth-shattering change, but it does seem to make me calmer. I've decided my situation is unlikely to change, so I'll have to be the change. Thanks for writing - enjoyed this piece.

    1. Yes, I really like the idea to be in the present. When I actively try to do that, I feel happier and less frazzled. I especially try to do that when I can tell my kids just want me to be with them. I figure, the laptop, the cleaning, the whatever, can wait. Thank you! And I haven't forgotten about your book! Spring got crazy and I look forward to reading it and reviewing or writing about it for you :).

    2. No worries - I know about spring getting crazy. Whenever it happens, I'll be mighty grateful.

  2. I am spreading myself thin too! Why is there so little time? Exploring while being on the hamster wheel is draining,I feel you.And ignoring the kids just a bit for a bit is fine,I wonder if it gives them a clue that mommy is a " person "too. I once badly did need to have a lie down and immediately hopping came my kids to ask for juice. I wasn't prompt really and got to hear from my two year old " when you have to give a person juice, you have to GO TO THE KITCHEN." Ah, well!! and sometimes texting your friend is MOST important ! I guess we ll keep exploring and catching the wind in our sails,that makes us really awesome. AND GIRL every time you take the time to submit an article, you uplift a thousand moms. That counts! If I could I would give a carefree day, I really really would!
    PS: Cara's comment above "so I'll HAVE TO BE THE CHANGE"- LOVE it!

    1. Ohhh yes, you are right, Swati! Of course, I shouldn't always be at their beck and call! Why do I tend to do that?! "Yes, getting you a snack now! Yes, fetching your socks and shoes now!" Ugh. So frustrating when they abuse their mighty power too! :)
      And thank you for the comment about uplifting other moms. I can only hope that is true! It makes me feel really good to know I made a positive difference in another mom's day.
      And I LOVE that our project is going to be published this month on Mamalode!!!

  3. I can't contain my excitement!!!! It still is unbelievable to me. I have been humming since yesterday, looks like I am happy!! Thank you��. To be able to accompany your words Julia, it feels dreamy. And yes! The mighty power!!!! I am giving in all the time too.����


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