Friday, September 13, 2013

Junior Monet Review (Personalized Keepsakes)

My 3 year old son likes to color and paint (hooray hooray!) so when Junior Monet asked me to try out their product and review it on my blog, I thought it would be a good fit for my blog and fun for my son.

What is it?:  Junior Monet ( uses your child’s art to decorate personalized items such as cards, journals, calendars, canvas, stickers, magnets, and posters.  Debbie Lewis, one of the founders (Please note I'm 3 for 3 for featuring female-powered businesses.  Booyah!), wanted to see art celebrated in a more fun and permanent way than to just pin it to the refrigerator.  

How it works:  First you print out a form from the Junior Monet website using regular computer paper and have your child color on it.  Send the art in the mail to the company.  In a week or two, they send you an e-mail with the link to your image.  In their online store, you can choose to have your child's artwork put on just about any object you can think of (the obligatory coffee mug, yes, but also aprons, stamps, laptop sleeve covers, and much more).

What item did I choose?:  I chose a simple tote bag (Budget Tote; $10.95) that features my son's artwork inside a big red truck with his name on it.  I like things I can actually use (I do not need more stuff in my house).  A cute tote that he can carry to preschool or swimming, etc., will be useful.  Including shipping, it was under $20.

                                                              Red Truck Tote (not my son's artwork)

My son's reaction:  Not great.  He gave the tote a cursory glance and went back to watching the Wiggles on my phone.  It had been so long since he had created the art that he didn't really remember it when he saw it on the tote.  Keep in mind that he's only 3.  I think an older kid might think it was really cool, especially if they had worked hard on the art itself. 

My Reaction and overall takeaway:  A great idea, especially for kids older than 3.  Some of the products are very cheap (under $5), but you do have to pay shipping.  The overall process (printing the paper, getting your little jumping bean to sit and color, mailing it, waiting for the email, and then placing the order and waiting for the product) takes a while, so it is not something to undertake for a birthday or occasion one week away.  The artwork on the canvas looks less vivid than it did on paper, so be sure to use bright, vibrant markers on the art paper.

Website:  Coupon Codes:

Let me know if you have tried Junior Monet or plan to try it.  Was it worth it?  Did the recipient love it?

~Frantic Mama

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