Saturday, August 17, 2013

11 Non-Kid-Related Things I Hate

It must be that time o' the month for me again, because I'm finding there's a lot of stuff that annoys me out in the world.  Yeah, I know, I just wrote about my parenthood-related annoyances, but wait, there's more!  And it applies to my pre-mother self too.  Grab a cup of coffee [or beer] and see if you can relate to the following [in no particular order] nuisances:

1.  When you're sitting in your car in a Target parking lot, eating some food you've managed to scavenge, and of all the parking spots left in the lot, some dude pulls up right next to yours.

2.  People who are consistently more than 10 minutes late.  Especially if they don't acknowledge their lateness.

3.  Relentless Devils Advocates.  Don't they realize that no one wants to be around someone who always says the opposite?  Did no one teach them the social skill of occasionally letting things go for the sake of getting along?

4.  People who actively look for the gift receipt upon receiving a present.  (Come on, at least wait til the party is over).

5.  Overly helpful salespeople.

6.  Salespeople who completely ignore you.  (There must be a middle ground, right?).

7.  When the person in front of you in the checkout line begins to write a check.  Dear God!

8.  When people make fun of me for going to bed early.  Why on earth do they care?

9.  When you look forward to your favorite t.v. show all day and when 8 p.m. rolls around and you get in your special couch spot, it turns out not to be on that night because of some lame political update/catastrophe/fake thunderstorm warning. The disappointment!

10.  When people [besides best friends/sisters] blatantly ask if "we're all done" having kids or if "we'll have one more."  Ok yes, that's a mother-related nuisance, but still, come on.  A little presumptuous, don't you think?

11.  When the food you order at a restaurant arrives to the table cold.

So, readers, what bugs you?

~Frantic Mama (I swear, I really am a nice person!  :))

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