Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Love Letters Charms

Because the goal of the Frantic Mama blog is to be honest and keep it real, I have not reviewed any sponsored products or placed any ads on my blog yet.  However, when the owner of Love Letters Charms (, Adele Hubbard, contacted me about her handmade silver charm jewelry, I saw that her products relate to my blog (they are pretty mother-focused), and that I actually really like them.

When Adele contacted me, I explained that I would only consider doing a review or placing an ad on my blog after seeing her products in person (God forbid Frantic Mama become a sell-out!). She was happy to send me a sample, and they really are beautiful.  The charms are a light, shimmery silver; each one is slightly different since they are handmade.  Here's a photo of the charms I received:

When I put my necklace on (I ordered the shortest, 16 inch chain to avoid the grabby pudgy fingers of my baby), I-- Frantic Mama-- actually felt...(can I say it with a straight face?) a little glamorous. Yes, fine, I was still wearing a blue t-shirt and black shorts from Target, but now I was also sporting a sophisticated, elegant yet practical necklace.

The Love Letters charms are unique because they have an organic, rustic feel (they are not perfectly shaped, smooth squares or circles).  Each one is hand-stamped by Adele to order (with letters or symbols) and can be worn alone on the included chain or along with other charms. Charm bracelets are also available.  Adele also offers really cute "mini charms" that you can mix and match (these would be such a fun gift for a daughter, granddaughter, or niece!) *Adele is offering my readers a 15% discount with the promo code: Frantic.  

I could picture giving these charms as a gift to a new (or experienced) mother with her children's initials on them.  They would be really lovely birthday or Christmas presents (e-mail this post to your hubby?).  Or a well-deserved gift to yourself.  Adele packages them in a pretty little sky blue mesh bag wrapped in turquoise tissue paper, so it is ready to send as a gift directly from the site if you choose.

In closing, Frantic Mama believes in supporting women entrepreneurs creating cool things, so I fully support Love Letters Charms.

Website:  (Promo Code: Frantic).

Readers, please let me know if you order any of these products.  I'd love to hear what charm(s) you chose and if you love yours as much as I do mine!

~Frantic Mama

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