Monday, August 12, 2013

How Frantic Mama Began

I started blogging as Frantic Mama when my son (my oldest) was about 1.5, in 2011.  I barely told anyone; it was just a place for me to vent and find some humor in the challenges that I faced as a new mom.  I had no clue how hard motherhood was going to be when I brought him home from the hospital, and blogging was a way to get back in touch with my creative side while also airing and sorting out my thoughts.

I took a break, of course, when we added my baby daughter to the mix this past fall.  Sleep took priority whenever I had an ounce of free time.

But after a few months, I decided to plunge back into the blogging world.  I finally told my husband about Frantic Mama (yes, truly, I hadn't even told him about my little project yet!).  He was really supportive, which gave me the courage to continue.

My brother urged me to join Twitter and create a Facebook page to grow my audience and make connections.  I was nervous to put myself out there like that, but then I thought, well, what the heck?  One reason I started the blog in the first place was to help other moms feel less alone-- maybe this would be a way to do that.

So, Frantic Mama was born!  A blog where I admittedly do not cherish every moment of taking care of young children.  Where I admit that I really do sometimes miss being childfree (seriously, I miss being able to get in my car and go to the mall without checking with anyone first and organizing the whole day around it.  Make that, being able to take a shower without checking with anyone first...).  A blog where I acknowledge the unconditional love we only experience once we become parents, and the children we love with our whole hearts who also manage to drain us of every last ounce of energy.

One of my favorite parts of Frantic Mama and social media in general has been to receive comments from readers and learn about parenthood across the world.

So, welcome to the Frantic Mama blog: the less glamorous side of new motherhood.  A judgement-free, supportive, fun environment where parents can connect about the trials and tribulations of motherhood with humor and honesty.

~Frantic Mama

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