Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lost in Translation (Part Deux)

When my son was almost 3, I wrote about some of the cute and funny stuff he said, right here.  Now, at age 3 and a half (he won't let you forget about that half part!), I laugh even harder at some of the things that come out of his mouth.  It's what help me gets through The Hard Stuff.

Here are a few of my recent favorites.  (Please share your own "things they say" in the Comments!).

*Keep in mind, my son has almost NO volume control.  Anything he says can be heard within a 30 yard radius.

Son:  "Mama, why do you wear hair down there?"
(Dear Lord.  I was getting out of the shower; he was playing in the bathroom.  No words, people.  No words.)

At our usual fine dining establishment (McDonald's):
Son points behind me:  "Mama, is that a lady?"  (I look over my shoulder to see a sweet-looking teenage boy with long hair trying to eat his meal in peace).
Me:  No, sweetie, that's a boy.
Son:  So he was a lady, and now he's a boy.
Me:  ??  Um, no.  He was a boy and still is a boy.

(Google Images)

My husband was sporting a couple days worth of stubble on his jaw area.  My son pointed at my husband's chin and exclaimed with an impish grin:  "That's a creature."
We all cracked up.  Was the stubble the creature or my husband as a whole?  The world may never know.

(Child of the 80's?  You'll remember the cutest creature of all time: Gizmo!)

Last, but Not Least:
Purely out of curiosity, I asked my son who the President of our country is.
Him, completely serious:  "Santa."
Me:   [Speechless].

~Frantic Mama

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