Sunday, February 2, 2014

Who Are You Wearing?

I love connecting with other bloggers, especially those extra smart, witty, empowering women bloggers out there.  There is a group of bloggers sharing photos of their very unglamorous-- but no less lovely-- selves.
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So here it is, folks.  I don't usually put photos of myself in the blog for various reasons, but this is one of my favorite photos of myself sans primping, make-up, posing, etc, as part of the #365FeministSelfie blog link-up.

The photo is from Winter 2012 when my daughter was still tiny and I could walk around "wearing" her like this.  I'm also donning my favorite, much-loved orange sweatshirt (Hmmm...I'm wearing it as I type this too...about a year after this photo was taken.  Probably time for a new one).

~Frantic Mama

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